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Welcome to Performance Avenues!

Of the many ways to create and sustain the best job fit, we believe that it's essential to first determine through self-assessment how someone most naturally, comfortably and effectively performs at work. Thirteen years of analyzing and applying research on work traits and types reveals that we are primarily wired and behave as one of the following:

Leader    Learner    Innovator    Manager    Promoter
Performance Avenues initiates critical and transformational conversations and conclusions about people, teams and companies and how they can be more self-aware and perform more effectively. It's a management tool for job fit, team balance, and company alignment that we recommended be used in collaboration with proven and appropriate workplace assessments and measurements. It is the first step of many steps.

Why the Performance Avenues approach is easy to apply:
  • It is natural, intuitive, and memorable.
  • It uses everyday language and well known concepts.
  • It is easily applied to individuals, teams and companies.
This concept is based on Tom Despard's book, Performance Avenues, Knowing How We Work. Tom has been a builder and developer for 40 years and has long been interested in self-awareness and talent development. We appreciate the numerous contributions to this project by our many advisors, friends and clients. Performance Avenues is relevant and actionable and has resonated well with students, business managers, executives, HR staffs, and professionals of all kinds. This hands-on approach engages people, awakens talents, shapes teams, focuses actions, and sustains results.

  • The Performance Avenues Workshop, Discovering and Aligning Talents is available for you to conveniently preview by clicking here: Workshop 5.0 — a PowerPoint formatted for computers only.
  • This high impact workshop, developed and presented over the past five years, may now be presented by our staff or yours after a training session, approval by our staff, and prepayment.

Consultants, Companies, and Colleges: Contracts are available for you to use this website material with your clients, employees and students.

For all inquiries regarding the use of the book, the workshop and this website contact:Tom Despard at or at 717-475-1658 (USA).
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