Performance Avenues Workplace Assessment

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If you are an individual, a business, a management consultant, or a business coach searching for an assessment tool that examines work styles, invigorates critical thinking and feeling, and enlivens interaction and conversations for your or your client's people, teams, and company culture, you have landed on the right page!

You have applied Myers-Briggs, DiSC, a 360, and other assessments to your or your client's workplace and made human resource and organizational improvements. You have made recommendations regarding leadership capabilities and sales team dynamics. But have you ever taken an integrated and comprehensive approach to job fit, team balance, and company alignment? One that It is natural, intuitive, and memorable?

We have. Performance Avenues is a four-part workplace assessment based on Tom Despard's two books, Performance Avenues, Knowing How We Work and Emotional Avenues, Feeling How We Work — both are available on amazon.com. It's an entry-level point of self-exploration and discovery that we recommended be applied first in collaboration with other assessments.

A university student in a business administration class recently referred to Performance Avenues as "practical, accurate, applicable and transferable." It doesn't get any better than that! Find out for yourself.

We offer our assessment in four parts:

Performance Avenues (Part 1):
Are you primarily a Leader, a Learner, an Innovator, a Manager or a Promoter?
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Performance Types (Part 2):
A deeper more detailed individual assessment that combines your top two avenues. Are you, for example, a Learner-Innovator or a Promoter-Manager?

Emotional Avenues (Part 3):
An understanding of your key emotions that create more successful engagements at work.

People, Teams and Companies (Part 4):
Assessing and structuring how people, teams, and company cultures interact and align with one another.

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